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How ADM works: science of Life Energy and astrology

How and why astrology works is well known: The astrological horoscope shows the planetary positions at the time and place of birth of a person.  Based on this astrological birth chart, an astrologer can make statements about the individual for which this chart was calculated. 

Furthermore, the astrologer can see and predict trends of the future, which can manifest, especially when the individual takes the road of least resistance, i.e., goes on with his or her life as usual, and the astrologer can derive such prediction of potential trends when comparing the birth horoscope of an individual with the (calculated) planetary positions that will be active during any given time span in the future.  Based on this comparison, the astrologer can then tell what forces of destiny are acting upon the person during the time for which the positions have been calculated in advance.  Such calculations are also called "future transits" or "transit horoscopes."

In fact, KNOWING ahead the structure of the cosmic-astrological environment, which can be gained by comparing the positions of the planets in the signs during any given time in the future with the birth horoscope of a person, allows the professional astrologer to predict very precisely what the future has to offer: when success is likely to occur and the times when difficulties or even failure are indicated.

Based on this knowledge, the astrologer can give extremely valualbe information: the times when it is good to go ahead with a desired plan of action and the times when it is more advantageous to diplomatically delay everything.

In the past, one attempt of actually changing trends that the future has in store was the establishing of RELOCATION HOROSCOPES.  These are horoscopes that have the astrological houses (fields of life experiences) as their basis as they are valid for the place where you live and act.  Of course, the method that I developed as a result of establishing the CFP - common functional principles - of any action geared towards manifestation of desired results, has significant advantages over the relocation-option:  To install the desired astrological factors into the environment wherever you are is naturally easier than to relocate.

astrological mundane houses

Here I repeat:  While most modern day astrologers are happy with a simple interpretation of the horoscopes of their clients and giving them advice of how to adjust to astrological trend energies, the ancients knew very well of the power that they were capable of drawing from the stars. Therefore, knowing of their personal skills and experiences, they correctly pointed out that the “the wise rules the stars”. Therefore astrology was a lot more than just giving some advice of how to adjust to the will of the planets in the eyes of these these ancient advisors who were infinitely more wise than many of their modern-age counterparts. It was truly "magic" when they used their great wisdom and knowledge to harness the stellar and planetary energies. Consequently, their clients were capable of
(1) Taking control of their attitudes, skills and energy levels
(2) Having a powerful impact upon their surroundings, and
(3) Mastering their future and destiny.

Yes !!!   Now you too can have the power
of the "wise who rules the stars!"
and to do this is as easy  for you as 1-2-3 !!!

Free Test!  Now you can test ADM and
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ADM is the Art of Creating
your Perfect Environment for Success on all Levels

In the following, I am going to explain how methods of manifestation and action at a distance in general and  Astro-Dynamic Manifestation™ in particular work, and the importance of my invention, the Chi Generator®, when it comes to effective manifestation operations and, especially, ADM.
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Life energy (bio energy) is the transfer medium of all action at a distance.  The Chi Generator® is the ultimate device to generate massive amounts of bio energy, which ensures powerful and continuous action at a distanceas well as action geared towards manifestation of your desires.  Gone for good are the "good ole days" when such work was the privilege of just a few people.  In fact, as a result of this path breaking invention, action at a distance such as radionics, ESP and even shamanism and magic, will never be the same again and, above all, new and powerful methods such as ADM and Feng Shui Dynamics (yes!  I also developed a more flexible and effective approach to Feng Shui, which was long overdue !!!) became possible: These are methods that were never thought to be possible in the past.  Most importantly, by now any person can master this technology and you can use it to help your success rapidly, within days or a few weeks at the most !!!  All you need to do is to familiarize yourself with the quick reference sheet of astrological energies and work through the easy-to-follow manual that you receive with your ADM equipment.

Here I repeat that which I mentioned in the introduction:  ADM is action at a distance, in which you can use planetary and zodiacal energies that can help you to generate positive permanent change and make your dreams come true.  ADM is possible, because its pratitioners make use of structural links and bio energy, which is the common functional principle, or natural law, that governs practically all such action at a distance of which we know: in methods of remote viewing and extrasensory perception as well as in operations that are set up to generate inclination and motivation towards a desired result, or trend energies towards success.  The Chi Generator® supplies bio energy continuously.  No individual practitioner is or was ever capable capable of doing that, nor can he or she generate the massive amounts of bio energy that are necessary for this continuous action.  You can generate these extremely powerful and massive amounts of bio energy with your Chi Generator®.  With this possiblity of continuous supply of bio energy, which supersedes the planetary impact from your surroundings, you can naturally utilize for a permanent setup in your home or office:  This way you can generate your own "greenhouse of astrological trend energies" that surround you whenever you desire.

By now, the following is well established:
There are three basic factors of any and all successful action at a distance, which includes ADM, in which you are utilizing cosmic (astrological) energies:

1. The Trend Link, representing the planned effect, i.e., the result that you desire,
2. The Target-Link, representing the target of your operation, and
3. Bio Energy!

In fact, in our natural surroundings, this is the way in which the natural astrological energies are having their impact upon each one of us!

Any operation at a distance and/or operation geared towards manifestation, in which the operator neglects any one of these three basic factors, is doomed to fail, regardless of intent, traditionalist connection, spiritual training, and what not!  This, and only this, is the reason why some methods do not work, even if the would-be practitioner followed all instructions meticulously.

The Trend-Link

In Astro-Dynamic Manifestation™ technology, Trend-Links are pre-defined astrological diagrams that represent the combined effects of several planets, zodiacal signs, houses, aspects, elements and other astrological factors of your choice.  The main function of such a trend link is that it can help you establish a connection with a desired effect, or with the desired solution of a challenge.  The trend links represent desired change, or effect. The symbols in the Filter Packs (the ADM cards and Pre-Designed Astro-Energy-Filters - AAoS Astrological Alphabet of Success) that you can find in our catalog are typical Trend-Links for Astro-Dynamic™ Manifestation methods, i.e., they are carefully pre-designed combinations of astrological elements that represent precise effects.

To custom design such trend energies representing desired results is as easy as 1-2-3, especially if you use the quick reference sheet with key words of planets, signs and astrological houses.  This quick reference guide is part of the ADM manual that you will receive with your equipment.

Many traditional esoteric schools teach the preparation of trend-links (“utensils”) of a very complex nature requiring much concentration and elaborate work, especially when the problem to solve is a complicated one.  The main purpose of such practices is the generation of thought-forms that are then attached to the utensil.  Naturally, using the Chi Generator® with the ADM cards, AAoS and/or the Super Manifestation™ program optimizes the effect of the trend link; it generates the correct thought form (a thought form is a trend energy that has a life of its own) and supplies it with life force.  Such a life-energy-boosted thought form, of course, is a living abstraction that follows subtle cybernetics towards achieving your goal, or the solution, which you desire.  Therefore, powering up trends with the Chi Generator® makes the more traditional methods of involved crafting of complicated trend links unnecessary and obsolete practices.  With the methods of Astro-Dynamic Manifestation™, you are far more effective and far more successful than even the “wise who rules the stars” of the "olden times!"

The Target-Link

The Target-Link (often also called “psychic link”) is an object, image or symbol that connects with the target of your operation.  This target can be another person or you.  It can also be an entity consisting of several persons such as a business or a sports team, or it can be a location such as a room in your home or office.  Naturally, the target-link causes a direct flow of life force (with an attached effect) to the target that it represents.  The diagram that you find on the test for life force transfer is such a target-link.  It connects with a Chi Generator® in our laboratories.  Some practitioners use hair, clothing, photos, etc., of persons whom they target.  The horoscope of a person can be a perfect target link to that person.

The Importance of Bio Energy (life force, Chi energy, prana, orgone energy, mana, Od, animal magnetism, etc.)

The characteristics and function of structural links are easy to understand.   For bio energy, distance is the result of structural differences.   To explain the mechanisms that cause bio energy to join a target with a trend, especially with structural links that are abstractions, such as the Astro-Dynamic™ filters that you can use, requires a more thorough knowledge of the characteristics of bio energy.  Such understanding is still more important for an understanding of thought forms.  You can learn more about that in our on-line classes or in the free course "magic of the future." With such understanding, you can be aware how thought forms develop and why they can continue to activate a previously set trend in a target (person) after the original Astro-Dynamic Manifestation™ operation has been discontinued.

Traditional operators and priests knew about this for thousands of years and they based all their spiritual work on such knowledge.  This knowledge resulted from their practical experience.  They knew well that the operations that they powered with bio energy yielded much better results.

With my invention of the Chi Generator® and the introduction of the methods of Astro-Dynamic Manifestation™, this situation changed dramatically, of course!  As an operator of an Astro-Dynamic™ device that is boosted with bio energy, you can now operate with significantly much more effect (and yielding more satisfying results) than the traditional “wise who ruled the stars”, and these are methods that you can use are as easy as 1-2-3.

For additional information, especially the specifics of the astrological trend energies that you can use, you can sign up to one of our on-line classes.

The influences of the astrological HOUSES

First House:  Personal and self-related affairs and characteristics, self-expression in the environment, physical body, general disposition.

Second House:  Personal possessions and security on the material and spiritual levels, money.

Third House:  Relations to those who are close by circumstances, neighbors, siblings, close kinship, etc., first education, adaptive thinking, adaptation to close environment, short travel, direct communication.

Fourth House:  Home, private life, real estate, family, buildings

Fifth House:  Creativity, love affairs, sports, gambling, children.

Sixth House:  Services given and received, health, hygiene, analytical thinking, work.

Seventh House:  Partnerships at a personal level, marriage, business partnerships, associates

Eighth House:  Shared resources, inheritance, self-sacrifice, stock market.

Ninth House:  Higher education, foreign countries, foreign travel, extensive research, philosophical thinking, religion, publishing.

Tenth House:  Social position, profession, ambition, special talent, career, practicality, pragmatic attitude.

Eleventh House:  Team work, group activity, friendships, clubs, objectives, impermanent attachments, plans, projects

Twelfth House:  Freedom from restrictions, inspirational thinking, limitations, isolation, solitude, the unconscious, that which is hidden.

The next important factor in astrology is the planets, which represent inclination, motivation, and action, or effect.

Functions of the PLANETS

Sun:  Projection of individuality and self, to express oneself

Moon:  Letting emotions known – getting attached emotionally – to respond emotionally

Mercury:  Communication skills, mental abilities, movement, commercial skills

Venus:  Relating to others, awareness and creation of harmony and beauty

Mars:  Movement, activation and initiating

Jupiter:  Expansion and outreaching, maturing and experiencing in the widest possible scope

Saturn:  Control, limitations, restrictions for a purpose and discipline
Uranus: Innovation, invention, sudden changes, intuition

Neptune:  Refinement, probing below the surface, inspiration, transcendence

Pluto:  Elimination and replacement, transformation, regeneration, minimum effort for maximum effect.

Your run off the mill friendly neighborhood astrologer usually can give you a satisfactory reading of your astrological chart, or horoscope, and he or she is limited to mere advice.

In fact, by now you know that which already the astrologers of ancient times knew better, much better, than most of their modern day counterparts, i.e., how to help their clients, and for that reason one of their most cherished statements referring to how they made use of their science was that “The Wise Rules the Stars!” With this, of course, they meant much more than giving advice that was based on astrological chart interpretation. These famous words were always understood as a responsibility to have decisive impact upon one’s destiny by actually generating and using the influences of the stars, i.e., by generating inclinations and motivations for their clients by ways of manipulation and control of the same astrological energies that they interpreted. Consequently their clients are not totally "exposed" to the cosmic energies, they can actively work with those energies.

The average run off the mill modern astrologers naturally have not even the slightest idea that such a thing is possible. If they know about it, rather than acting responsibly and helping their clients, they quite often brush it off as “evil magic,” not unlike that rather negative attitude against scientific discoveries, which some churches show still in our otherwise enlightened times.

The Modifying Powers of the SIGNS

Aries: assertive, with urgency, confidence and prompt action, attitude of being

Taurus: possessive, desire to dominate, with endurance, attitude of owning

Gemini: versatile, variable and adjustable, attitude of thinking

Cancer: sensitive, protective, defensive, attitude of feeling

Leo: creative, impressive and seeking admiration, attitude of resolving

Virgo: analytical, logical and critical, attitude of examining

Libra: harmonizing, combining, relating, attitude of balancing

Scorpio: concentrating, secretive, with intensity, attitude of desiring

Sagittarius: overcoming impediments, reaching out, attitude of seeing

Capricorn: avoiding error, prudence, reservedness, attitude of using

Aquarius: indifference, unconventionality, impartiality, attitude of knowing

Pisces: receptiveness, impressionable, intuitive, attitude of believing

To get a more thorough understanding of astrology, you can study the free astrology course.

The following applications of this extremely useful and powerful new technology are based on personal experiences of many proud owners of Chi Generators®, ADM technology and Manifestation Programs.

Click below on the links of your choice for more information.  Naturally, there are infinite many more uses, many of which you certainly will find and explore.

Optimize Water, Drinks and Food.Water enhancement: optimize water, charge it with chi energy and with the astrological energy of your choice
Enhance the power of Herbs, Vitamins and Supplements, Cosmetics, etc. with Life Force
Enhance Plant Growth and Quality of Produce with Life Force: Agriculture, gardening, house plants, lawn care, sprouting, etc.
EMF Pollution (electrosmog), DOR (deadly orgone energy), and Geopathic Stress Zones
Pet care, reaction of pets to Chi energy, Chi Generators® to enhance aquariums
You can put yourself into any brain wave state that you choose to achieve an abundance of energy, to experience a general well-being, and for physical and emotional balance
Chi Energy to Boost Sports Performance, to have an edge in sports competition, to influence individual sports competitors, for body building, martial arts, etc.
Chi Energy for Fitness, Workout and Weight Control
Chi Energy for Success Strategies in Profession, Business and Money, financial planning, career, and employment
Applications of ADM technology for business, office, management, to help affiliates and employees, for customer support, public relations, to establish methods that cause business to be more effective, for business consulting and general manifestation of success
ADM technology for success in politics, people skills and to develop and project leadership
Using the Chi Generator® for Success in Legal Matters
Using ADM technology to boost popularity, charisma and personal power of persuasion, self confidence and convincing speech
ADM technology as a means to boost love relations and friendships, attract friends and soul mates, and to cause relationships to break up
Using the ADM technology for Family and Children
Chi Generators® and ADM technology for protection against attacks of any kind and for clearings of attachments
ADM technology in your house and directed towards yourself to boost intellectual, intuitive and creative skills
Chi Energy technology to boost psychic skills, meditation, esp, remote viewing, etc.
How to boost gambling skills, stock market, betting

Using the Chi Generator® and ADM technology to increase the success of advertising and marketing. Using the Chi Generator® in your practice of NLP.

Chi Energy and ADM technology for Success Strategies in gaming, playing games, on line, in clubs and in private situations
Relocation Horoscopes and astro-carto-graphy are things of the past - obsolete!

Summary of characteristics of bio energy as part of our universe
- the scientific approach

1.  Chi Energy = bio energy.  Bio energy and EMF's (electromagnetic frequencies) are the two forms of energy that are "known" by humans, i.e., humans can consciously perceive these energies. Humans are forming a multitude of abstractions from these perceptions and, based on these abstractions, they interact with their perceived (and likely non-consciously-perceived) environment.

2.  Bio energy transfers at any distance via structural links, which is similar to the way EMF's transfer.  Due to the different type "entropy" valid for these energy forms, different categories of structural linkages are functional for either of these energy forms, and what is a huge distance for one of these two energy forms can be proximity for the other.  In fact, some physical subatomic "abnormalities" can be explained with ease when bio energy is brought into the mapping of conventional physics (a no-no for the "academic" physicists, some of whom have a few black holes too many in their brains).
(Bio energy transfer "at any distance" when related to the space related to EMF's and its characteristics have been discovered and proven by me in 1991)

3.  Transferring to other places via structural links, bio energy carries with it characteristics - often "trend energies" - of its original position.   This is a very similar characteristic of EMF transmission, where, for instance light is reflected in specific colors, shapes, spectral lines, etc., before reaching the eye of the observer.

4.  This type transfer can also be used as an explanation of "remote viewing" and other perceptions at a distance and it can be used to enhance training and technologies of these capabilities.  This transfer is also a characteristic of all living beings, likely a fundamental characteristic of life itself.

5.  Conscious remote viewing and other perceptions at a distance are a result of a conscious focus of a living being to a distant object, which establishes a structural link - structural connection - with that object or with a set of objects.  To actually gain the perceptions, a linkage has to be determined with the appropriate sensory organs, mostly with the part operating in the brain and connecting this organ to to consciousness/language.  Without that, remote viewing will remain to be "hunches" at best.  This semantic connection has to be established by training.  Some persons have to use "genetic materials" and the like to establish such linkage.  For others a mental focus is sufficient.  A host of methods to connect has been established in the past.

6.  There is much reason to assume that such connections can reach as well into the time dimensions.  Presently, relying on evidence of how human brains are organizing their perceptions into time, we can speak of time as being mathematically represented by a four dimensional Gaussian coordinate-system (time-lines, time-planes, ...) - this mathematical - semantic structure, or mapping, possibly can account for some of the grave errors of "psychics" when their predictions of the future "do not come true" - unless such predictions are plainly dominated by financial rewards that can be gained from misinformation that the public loves to learn about (I am referring to doomsday prophecies, conspiracy mythologies, pre-space-age visions of green-faced priestesses on Venus and the like).  Simultaneous with this mathematical-semantic uncertainly is the fact that with any present act we impact the realities of future as well as past.

7.  You can use the same methods of connection with specific targets not only for receiving characteristics of the target, but also to actively project characteristics of your location - or, when double-targeting, any other location of your choice, thus influencing the environment of the targeted area/living being. Again, you are using structural links and with the same methods you establish linkage to specific characteristics / properties.

8.  Chi Generators® supply massive bio energy to ensure the most powerful impact possible upon the target.

Karl Hans Welz - July 2007

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How ADM works: science of Life Energy and astrology

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