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You need no longer be ruled by the influences of the stars, because ... Now You Can control these influences and custom-design the forces that shape your destiny !!!

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A Gigantic Step into the Future !!!
Wilhelm Reich invented the orgone accumulator, which is a device that accumulated life force from its surroundings.
In 1991 Karl Hans Welz invented the Orgone Generator®, wich is a device that actually generates life force.
Now he developed a revolutionary new technology that allows you to custom-design astrological energies and to direct these energies towards yourself and into any location of your choice:
This is the technology of Astro-Dynamic Manifestation, or ADM

The shortest distance between two points in the universe is a structural link™

ADM Technology for
f   Self-Improvement,
     f   Fitness, Sports, Body Building
          f   Trend Management,
               f   Mind Control, and
                    f   Positive Permanent Solutions!

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How ADM works: science of Life Energy and astrology

Pet care, reaction of pets to Chi energy,
Chi Generators® to enhance aquariums

herbal astrologyPeople who have cats notice almost immediately their reaction to the Chi Generator®. Cats love to play with some invisible thing in front of the silver tubing, i.e., they are trying to catch the "little blue flame" that some people, especially children, can see as well. We do not know if cats actually see the same thing that people see. We just observe that they play with something.  In general, many cats and other animals feel very comfortable when they are close to any Chi Generator®, and they love to rest, even sleep, close to it.

After close observation you will notice how many pets react to your Chi Generator®, and that it energizes pets just as well as it can energize human beings.  And you can do the same with the water and food for your pet(s) that you can do with your water and food:  optimize it (AO 2400) and charge it with specific astrological energies, using the ADM kit plus the AOPTC (see below)

In fact, we do offer specialty Chi Generators®, i.e., specialty chi water optimizers™, for aquariums, i.e., the AO 1100 and you can charge the water with the astrological energies of your choice, to get better results with the fish.  Using the AO 2400 with the AOPTC transfer, you can do the same thing - charge the water in your aquarium of about 30 minutes a day.  And, again, you can use custom designed astrological energies to produce specific effects that are beneficial for the animal or desirable.  What you do in this case, is put the AOPTC below your aquarium.

Chi energy certainly can contribute to your pet's overall well-feeling by energizing it and by balancing its life functions, using special astrological trend energies.  In addition to this, you can also work a bit on the "character" of the pet, making it more loving, more watchful (in the case of a dog), more playful, etc., even boost their capabilities to interact with you and their natural intelligence.

For owners of commercial fish ponds, we have special programs to increase the survival rate of freshly hatched fish dramatically and to increase the overall weight and health of your fish, catfish, tilapia, shrimp etc.  Call us for a free test and you can well be on the way to increase your harvest.

The following applications of this extremely useful and powerful new technology are based on personal experiences of many proud owners of Chi Generators®, ADM technology and Manifestation Programs.

Click below on the links of your choice for more information.  Naturally, there are infinite many more uses, many of which you certainly will find and explore.

Optimize Water, Drinks and Food.Water enhancement: optimize water, charge it with chi energy and with the astrological energy of your choice
Enhance the power of Herbs, Vitamins and Supplements, Cosmetics, etc. with Life Force
Enhance Plant Growth and Quality of Produce with Life Force: Agriculture, gardening, house plants, lawn care, sprouting, etc.
EMF Pollution (electrosmog), DOR (deadly orgone energy), and Geopathic Stress Zones
Pet care, reaction of pets to Chi energy, Chi Generators® to enhance aquariums
You can put yourself into any brain wave state that you choose to achieve an abundance of energy, to experience a general well-being, and for physical and emotional balance
Chi Energy to Boost Sports Performance, to have an edge in sports competition, to influence individual sports competitors, for body building, martial arts, etc.
Chi Energy for Fitness, Workout and Weight Control
Chi Energy for Success Strategies in Profession, Business and Money, financial planning, career, and employment
Applications of ADM technology for business, office, management, to help affiliates and employees, for customer support, public relations, to establish methods that cause business to be more effective, for business consulting and general manifestation of success
ADM technology for success in politics, people skills and to develop and project leadership
Using the Chi Generator® for Success in Legal Matters
Using ADM technology to boost popularity, charisma and personal power of persuasion, self confidence and convincing speech
ADM technology as a means to boost love relations and friendships, attract friends and soul mates, and to cause relationships to break up
Using the ADM technology for Family and Children
Chi Generators® and ADM technology for protection against attacks of any kind and for clearings of attachments
ADM technology in your house and directed towards yourself to boost intellectual, intuitive and creative skills
Chi Energy technology to boost psychic skills, meditation, esp, remote viewing, etc.
How to boost gambling skills, stock market, betting

Using the Chi Generator® and ADM technology to increase the success of advertising and marketing. Using the Chi Generator® in your practice of NLP.

Chi Energy and ADM technology for Success Strategies in gaming, playing games, on line, in clubs and in private situations
Relocation Horoscopes and astro-carto-graphy are things of the past - obsolete!  This is so, because by now you can custom-design your own combination of astrological energies, which is a much more effective method to achieve the success that you want than any relocation can offer.

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